Video Broadcast Production

High school sports broadcasting isn’t hard, but you want it to look professional, right?  We have evaluated and used many of the platforms out there today with great success.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the kids pictures highlighted with the starters, or the seniors?  How about live score on the broadcast as it occurs, automatically?  Would it be even better if you could have radio over the top of the broadcast so anyone at home can experience a very professional experience while cheering on their team?

It’s not just live either.  Keep those videos available for viewing for years and let your students share with grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends far away.

Expensive?  Well, what about off setting the costs with on screen advertising? Maybe consider halftime commercials or ads, even break sponsors.

We can provide a myriad of ideas to help promote your students sports, music, theater, and even elementary programs.

Let your students feel special with a robust and professional broadcasting experience.

  • Live stream school sports.
  • Live stream choir concerts and band concerts.
  • Live stream your elementary school programs.
  • Live stream your theater productions.
  • Live stream graduations or award ceremonies like NHS.