About us


Your website is the most important component in making yourself visible in the market you serve. Greater than 75% of consumers look at on-line presence, before they decide to do business with a particular company. uView Design promotes the best view of who you are for your customers.

  • What differentiates you from other companies providing similar services?
  • Why should a consumer/business choose you to work with?
  • How do you project expertise to your buyer and still retain that “good to work with” feel?


uView Design has years of sales and marketing experience with some of the worlds largest companies as well as start-up organizations, providing complex solutions to very hard to work with industries. This experience has taught us that the value of your services, commitment to your customers and quality of your products/services makes all the difference in both growth and retention.

We strive to fully understand who you are as a business. We want to know about the clients you serve and the communities in which you serve. Website design is more than pretty pages on the internet, but your website needs to tell your story. It needs to articulate your passion and project your experience so visitors know exactly what you do, and why you do it.

Visitors to your site need to know what you offer in moments. uView Design will make visitors stick and act so the pipeline of new customers is full.


We love the small businesses who wake up every day with a drive to make a difference for their clients. The relationships with your clients fuels the fire of service, innovation and trust, which is why uView Design works primarily with small & medium businesses. Personal commitment to the satisfaction of your client is the heartbeat of a small business owner, which is why uView Design’s team serves our clients with the passion we do. We share that feeling of a job well done.


No doubt there is a lot of technical stuff behind a website. That doesn’t mean you need to be an expert, or be talked to in a language you don’t understand. You’re good at what you do, we’re good at what we do. Yes, we do all the good things like SEO, Security, Domain, CMS, Hosting, Coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, . . . SERPS are super important along with SSL and firewalls, but seriously, we know you just want people to find you, contact you, and do business with you. Let us deal with all this other stuff!


Service Area of Focus

Based in Sterling, Colorado, we’re not a high rent district kind of web design firm. We have rural backgrounds, and understand the challenges of the small business in the rural setting.

While we can do big city sites, our focus is on the rural small business websites that need that extra level of detail and understanding a cookie cutter web design firm cannot provide.

We focus primarily on Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and Kansas for web design and CRM implementations, and provide that friendly approach to just getting a site that makes a difference.